Unfair20 proudly presents an extensive programme that invites visitors to dive into the world of contemporary art and architecture in an intimate setting. From Fullscreen to the Unfair Architect Award, we welcome you to immerse yourself in cream of the crop contemporary art, and connect and engage with the best artists of today and tomorrow.

At Unfair, we present 40 solo-presentations by up-and-coming and more established contemporary artists. In collaboration with an expert selection committee, we aim to present the most current cultural developments and inspire you to engage with a new generation of makers and buy works directly from the source.

Our living archive ‘Permanent Collection’ includes extended profiles of our artists. Get to know their previous works and add their work to your personal online collection.

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Unfair Artists

The Unfair Architect Award is a biennial visionary architectural prize and tender for the exhibition design of Unfair20. The Award showcases a unique cross-over between current contemporary art and architecture.  This years design, “Collage City’, by the winning up and coming architect studio Unknown Architects, features four different areas that each were inspired by visionary urban planning from the past.

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Unfair Architect Award

Fullscreen is an immersive, large-scale video installation showing work by various artists, in the Machinegebouw, across the street from the entrance of the Zuiveringshal. The custom made screen invites visitors to submerge in the works, offering an all-encompassing video experience in the middle of our crowded festival.


Unfair20 offers a broad selection of cutting edge performances spread throughout the festival, ranging from small interventions permanently on show to full out programs, day and night.

Performance programme

The Loyens & Loeff Emerging Artist Award is given to the most promising and talented participating artist at Unfair20. The prize offers support, funds research and the creation of new work for the winning artist.

We are proud to present the second edition of the The L&L Emerging Artist Award; the product of a loving collaboration with the amazing people at Loyens & Loeff. Loyens & Loeff is a leading and internationally operating law firm that focusses on talent development and innovation. We share that connection, and our collaboration is celebrated with the Loyens & Loeff Emerging Artist Award, awarded during Unfair20.

Loyens & Loeff Emerging Artist Award

In our Unfair Game of Interview Roulette, two artists have been randomly paired together to answer each other’s questions about the specs and rambles of their artistic life & practice. A classic game of roulette as none of the artists know to whom they address their questions beforehand.

Get exclusive insights into their minds through this unique selection of short interviews, specially designed for our Unfair family.

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Interview Roulette