Marjet Zwaans, LikenLichen: Silkscreen Workshop, 2020

Marjet Zwaans

Marjet Zwaans (1988) lives and works in Amsterdam and Maastricht, The Netherlands. She graduated from the Minerva Art Academy, Groningen and the Erasmus University Rotterdam and is currently artist-in-residence at the Jan van Eyck Academy, Maastricht. Her work has been exhibited in art spaces such as Nieuw Dakota, Amsterdam and Art Rotterdam and at Documenta 14, Kassel, Germany and the Moengo Triennial in Moengo, Suriname.

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Marjet Zwaans
likenlichen: Silkscreen Workshop (2020)

Marjet Zwaans, LikenLichen: Silkscreen Workshop, 2020 Marjet Zwaans, LikenLichen: Silkscreen Workshop [work in progress], 2020
Marjet Zwaans

Work In Progress: Porcelain


Marjet Zwaans, Work In Progress: Porcelain, 2020
Marjet Zwaans
Makaku l@bu (2019)

Photo by G.J. van Rooij

Marjet Zwaans, Makaku l@bu, 2019
Marjet Zwaans
Double Conscious Space (2018)

Marjet Zwaans, Double Conscious Space, 2018
Marjet Zwaans
Decentral Lecture (2017)

Collaboration with Saulė Vaivilavičiūtė and Yara Veloso

Marjet Zwaans, Decentral Lecture, 2017